These workouts last 18-30mins and can be done at home, no gym equipment necessary! 
Each session is filmed outdoors in beautiful locations to upbeat workout tracks.
Each video starts with a quick tutorial of every movement to ensure you feel confident, activate the right muscles and focus on technique. Next, 30-40secs of work followed by 15-20secs of rest, repeated til the circuit is complete. View the trailer below for a taste.
Train specifically toward your chosen goal with Entry Level, Intermediate and Advanced options for office workers, runners, and those looking for more definition and tone.
These workouts are inspired by my clients. Many of them travel frequently for work, needing short & effective workouts that can be done in their hotel or apartment. Other clients have wished they could share our training methods with family and friends who live abroad, or have been hungry for workouts designed for specific needs to supplement their existing routine.
For less than a cup of coffee a week, you will have unlimited access to the entire collection and be the first to view new video sessions as they upload! Plus you can unsubscribe at any time. 
You will combine Strength, HIIT, mobility and cardiovascular fitness into a winning routine.
Access to 24/7 guidance from myself at hello@craigbakerpt.com 


This three part series is designed for office workers. Session One is an entry level 20 minute movement-by-movement workout requiring zero equipment. Sessions Two and Three are progressively more challenging with all new exercises that provide you with a whole body HIIT and mobility workout. In the Desk Jockey Series you will focus on your posture and flexibility: lengthening the hip flexors, fixing those lazy glutes and regaining mobility in your shoulders, strengthening the core and raising your heart rate for an all over cardiovascular workout. Reverse the effects of being desk-bound and regain control of your body by subscribing to all 3 for the ultimate library of training inspiration.


Running. My passion. Take my experience as an international athlete and discover a progressive series of sessions that will have you race ready and resistant to injury. It takes around 8000 steps to complete a 10km run; that's merely 8000 opportunities to stride faster, further and more smoothly.  A perfect complement to your running routine, Session One is a 19 minute workout focussed on mobility, stability and core strength, as well as local muscular endurance. Sessions Two and Three progress your exercises into more challenging movements that require greater core strength, dynamic stability, reactivity off the ground, as well as muscular endurance. Alongside your running program, complete the Runner's Series twice a week over 8 weeks and you will be more than race ready.

THE TONING SERIES  From Centennial Park

This three part series is inspired by (but not limited to) the hard working mums out there. It's time to give back to yourself and regain the energy levels and tone your muscles for a body that is so attainable. With a little motivation and consistency, I've seen outstanding results with my clients who follow many of the exercises found in this HIIT series. Each session gets progressively harder with more sophisticated exercises and meaner work-to-rest ratios. If you can spare 25 minutes just three times a week, working up to Session Three,  you'll be seeing serious results within 6 weeks.